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Always Wolves: The Wolverhampton Wanderers podcast on talkSPORT Fan Network

Always Wolves podcast for talkSPORT fan network


Always Wolves: The Wolverhampton Wanderers podcast on talkSPORT Fan Network

Last month we introduced the talkSPORT Fan Network – Premier League edition. Today, we’re learning more from one of the podcasts in the network. Always Wolves is a Wolverhampton Wanderers Podcast talking about everything Wolves and Premier League football – by the fans for the fans! We find out more about the podcast, and being part of the talkSPORT Fan Network.

Why did you decide to start the Always Wolves Fan Podcast?

We started the podcast in memory of our friend Bill, who sat next to us at Molineux for many years and featured regularly on my YouTube channel. He died suddenly of Bowel Cancer and one of the things he always said as we said goodbye at the end of a game was Always Wolves so we started and named the podcast in his memory. Since then we also rebranded completely including our YouTube Channel and Website to Always Wolves.

You were a winner at The Football Content Awards – what would say is the secret to football podcast success?

I don’t know if there is a secret but I think the main thing is just to be yourself, be real. We always try to involve fans from all backgrounds genders, ages and views. Also talk about the key issues but have a bit of fun & laughter doing it. I think that resonates with most people.

Only Wolves team

Why did you join the talkSPORT Fan Network?

They took out all the costs of our hosting and offered a chance to earn revenue from both ads and sponsorship, which has really helped support the podcast, along with the promotional help on the station and marketing opportunities like this interview. But the main thing for us, was being their only Wolves Fan Podcast and being part of the talkSPORT Fan Network would only enhance our brand and listeners.

What has been the best thing about being part of the Fan Network so far?

Being their Wolves Fan Podcast we are very proud of that and that you can always pick up the phone to James Rowe at talkSPORT who runs it. We also look forward to being on talkSPORT as their go to as and when they need a fans view on an important Wolves topic.

Aside from your own podcast, what’s your favourite football podcast to listen to?

Quite like the MOTD Top 10 that’s always interesting and a laugh.

Listen to Always Wolves on your favourite podcast platform or to find out more search talkSPORT Fan Network. If you are a podcast creator and want to get involved with the Network then please contact James Rowe at talkSPORT.

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