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From Stories of the Stalked to sleeping sound: The best Audible Original podcasts


From Stories of the Stalked to sleeping sound: The best Audible Original podcasts

Each issue of Pod Bible magazine, our partners Audible bring you a round-up of the best Audible Original Podcasts their members are loving, and press are buzzing about too. Without further ado, here’s The Holy Grail of listener favourites, from Issue #021 of the magazine…

CLIMATE OF CHANGE with Cate Blanchett & Danny Kennedy

Actor and environmental campaigner Cate Blanchett and clean technology expert Danny Kennedy explore eco-anxiety, optimism and hope in the face of climate change. Along the way, they interview some of the world’s leading authors and thought leaders to discuss how humankind can tackle our biggest environmental challenge. Listen now >>

“Informative and inspirational, and definitely full of hope. Showing a way through the eco anxiety in an accessible and entertaining podcast”
Amazon Customer

“Interesting and insightful topics, on what is the most important subject of our time”
S. Holland

SLEEP SOUND with Jamie Doran

Do you struggle to Sleep Sound? In his new sleep aid podcast, actor Jamie Dornan will transport you to relaxing locations around the world, from a Mexican beach to an Amazon rainforest or a Namibian desert. Take a deep breath, relax and join Audible on this escape to sleep. Listen now >>

Jamie Doran’s soporific narration and the peaceful and calming sounds lull you to sleep. I love all six episodes”
Ms Simpson

“These podcasts have helped my restless mind, they really are something special”
Mr H


When X sees Lily on stage, he begins an imaginary affair of 13 years, and counting. He’s crossed oceans, posed as her colleague and even bought a suit for their ‘wedding’. But they’ve never met. Lily Baldwin takes us into her world of being stalked – the insidious fear, legal challenges, survival techniques for an ‘invisible violence’ that poisons her life. Listen now >> 

“A brave expose of the suffering caused by stalkers and how the system lets them get away with destroying people’s lives”
Miss Clark

“Extraordinary, raw, painfully honest account of what it’s like to be stalked”


Radiant Minds: The World of Oliver Sacks investigates consciousness, the brain and human experience, drawing inspiration from works by the neurologist and beloved author Oliver Sacks. Oliver cared for people with misunderstood neurological conditions at a time when many in the medical community had turned their backs on them Listen now >>

“Just incredible”
Ms Tavares

“Simultaneously provocative and humbling. A catalyst for becoming a better human through understanding and empathy”


How did the deadliest serial killer in US history get away with murder for over 40 years? Samuel Little was serving life in prison for killing three women, when he began to confess to a string of murders. His total murder count reached 93 victims across 19 US states. Journalist Benjamin Zand leads an investigation that is both a true crime story and a forensic examination of how US law enforcement failed to stop the country’s most dangerous serial killer. Listen now >>

“Really shocking true crime story, which slows Samuel Little’s story open wide, along with the deep flaws and prejudices in American law enforcement.”

“This is a brilliant listen. The story itself is troubling be the storytelling is really powerful and it’s such an important topic”
Amazon Customer

Every month, Audible members get one credit to use on any audiobook regardless of price or length, plus unlimited access to Audible Original Podcasts at no extra cost. From £7.99 / month after 30 days. Renews automatically.

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