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REVIEW // The RØDE PSA 1+ Professional Studio Arm

RODE mic arm


REVIEW // The RØDE PSA 1+ Professional Studio Arm

Here at Pod Bible we’re regularly asked for our advice on podcasting equipment. With the market expanding quickly, a huge range of options have become available for every budget, whether it’s a lapel mic to plug into your phone or a full recording studio setup for your home. The problem is, it’s often hard to tell what’s actually worth purchasing and what’s just a load of well written promotional content with some nice photos.

As we’re occasionally sent new bits of equipment to use for our shows, we thought we’d take the time to review some of them for the website in the hope that it may hep guide any future purchases you may be looking to make. First up, the RØDE PSA 1+ Professional Studio Arm…

Rode mic arm

A studio arm for a microphone is not something we’ve ever really spent much money on. In fact in the past we’ve tended to rely on basic extendable arms that have come as part of basic microphone packages and they’ve always seemed to do the job just fine. Having used the PSA 1+ however, there’s no going back.

This sturdy boom arm clamps to your desk and doesn’t budge whilst simultaneously offering an ultra-smooth gliding movement whenever you need to adjust the position of your mic. The internal dampened springs and neoprene arm also allow for quiet re-adjustment during recording, something that would often cause problems when using budget options previously.

All in all we’ve been very impressed with its ease of functionality and strength, not to mention the integrated cable management that not only looks good but also avoids any potential cable snagging during adjustment.

All in all it’s a big thumbs up from us in this instance. If you’re looking for an adjustable arm for your studio or home office then you cannot go wrong with the RØDE PSA 1+.

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