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The best Audible Original podcasts – from Andy Zaltzman’s GOATs, to panicking with John Robins…

The best Audible podcasts right now


The best Audible Original podcasts – from Andy Zaltzman’s GOATs, to panicking with John Robins…

Each issue of Pod Bible magazine, our partners Audible bring you a round-up of the best Audible Original Podcasts their members are loving, and press are buzzing about too. Without further ado, here’s The Holy Grail of listener favourites, from Issue #019 of the magazine…


Sir Michael Caine knows a lot about heroes. Fearless people who face danger and adversity head on, using their courage and strength to save the lives of others and show true bravery when the odds are stacked against them. Caine explores exceptional true stories of personal strength and gets to know the real people behind the headlines. Powerful, inspirational and life changing, no-one ever said being a hero was easy.  Listen now >>

“These stories reflect real people we should look up to in life!”
 “Although each story is about a difficult or scary subject, all the while, listening you feel inspired and hopeful”
(J. Luca)



Have you ever experienced something you just can’t explain – an uncanny encounter with things that go bump in the night? Did it leave you with an unshakable belief in the paranormal? Or feeling like an idiot when your flatmate pointed out it was just your cat treading on the squeaky floorboard? Either way – you’re not alone! Join comedian Jamali Maddix as he asks fellow comics and celebrities to reveal their spookiest real-lfe tales and most uncanny experiences.   Listen now>>

“Very entertaining from start to finish, laugh out loud funny, intriguing conversations”
(R. Jenkins)
“I really loved this podcast, it was entertaining with a mixture of feelings from being spooked out to laughing.”


Abuse of Power


State of Florida vs. Krishna Maharaj is a investigative journey that spans 30 years in the American justice system, beginning when a British-Trinidadian businessman was arrested for a grisly double murder in 180s Miami. Listen now >>

“This is a must for anyone that likes true crime stories. One of the ‘best’ ones out there.” (M. Baz)
“Compelling listening. A terrifying account of how broken the US legal system is and the peril of being wrongly accused of a capital crime in America.” (Anon)


Siblings In Session


In this new original series, Psychotherapist Philippa Perry explores six very different sibling relationships, and aims to bridge the communication gap within families. In a single intense session she goes under the skin of each of these relationships to find out what is working, what might not be working and how reflecting on this often overlooked relationship might benefit everyone involved. Listen now >>

“A great example of what you can expect in psychotherapy, how first relationships impact our relationship with the world.”
“I never thought I needed help until I’ve listened to PP, she’s simply brilliantly helpful.”
(J. Aggett)



News is everywhere and it’s all bad! So, John Robins has sealed himself in his panci room and he won’t come out until the world’s fixed. Did you know that we’re rapidly running out of grave space? Or that the increasing convenience of modern life is slowly infantilising us? When is someone going to stop social media ripping society apart? And is it possible to eat anything at all without contributing to the destruction of the planet? Listen now >>

“Interesting and witty. I listened because I’m a John Robins fan but the 3 are really good together.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed – funny and surprisingly informative. ”


Andy Zaltzman's Greatest of All TimeANDY ZALTZMAN’S GREATEST OF ALL TIME

Andy Zaltzman attempts to reclaim the much-misused term ‘Greatest of All Time’ by using all of time… and delving through the, what is it now..? 13 billions years of archival material knocking around the universe. Listen now >>

“Fantastic podcast as expected, was delighted when I saw this, it’s a history and comedy combo – brilliant.”
(C. Bowman)
“Discovered this series earlier today, and have just finished it. Andy is brilliant as always, as are his guests. Interesting, thoughtful and very funny.”

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