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What podcasts does Poppy Jay listen to?

For The Love of Pod Poppy Jays favourite podcasts


What podcasts does Poppy Jay listen to?

For The Love of Pod! Poppy Jay, co-host of the Pod Bible Poll Winning show, Brown Girls Do It Too, told us all about her favourite podcasts in Issue #020 of the magazine…


THE podcast of 2021 – I was quite late to the game with this one but my god was I schooled in the ultimate catfishing story of the century. A woman by the name of Kirat Assi believed she was in a 10-year relationship with a man she had never seen. The story doesn’t end once the catfisher has been identified and that’s when it gets really juicy. The podcast holds a mirror to our twisted society and reveals how the criminal justice system cannot keep up with a very 21st century kinda crime. Listen on your podcast app >>


Anything with the tagline ‘South Asian people going against the grain’ will automatically have my attention. This podcast spotlights a perfect blend of South Asian Activists, DJs, Directors and all like minded folk from the creative industries. Trailblazers in their own right, the hosts and their guests redefine what it means to be brown today and smash one cultural stereotype at a time. Listen on your podcast app >>


Spotlighting more Brown Host Magic’ is this podcast, Thank You Next, a two women band hosted by the mega lolz, Raj Pander and Hardeep Dhada. This pod isn’t just about turning your relationship losses into wins but bonding and laughing over our collective fails – and making the same mistakes all over again. but hey WE MOVE! Listen on your podcast app >>


A gripping investigation about the ‘Trojan Horse Affair’, the story of the anonymous letter sent to Birmingham City Council in 2013 about the alleged plot to take over and run local state schools according to strict Islamist principles. This double headed 8-part series is hosted by unlikely duo, veteran producer Brian Reed, and a Muslim Birmingham local and former doctor Hamza Syed. It’s their relationship with one another and their burning desire to get to the bottom of a scandal that rocked the education system back in 2014-15 that makes this a gripping listen. Listen on your podcast app >>

[ed. don’t miss our recommendations for investigative podcasts to listen to if you liked the Trojan Horse Affair!]


Hooked after listening to just one episode with Helena Bonham Carter, there is nothing this cultural don cannot do. Did I even care about Helena Bonham Carter before I listened to this? No. Did I like her AFTER listening to this episode? Absolutely. Louis Theroux’ ability to get the best out of his guests whilst remaining unashamedly ‘Louis’ is what makes him spectacular and I greedily look forward to more. Listen on your podcast app >>

We hope you enjoy these podcasts recommended by Poppy Jay. Read more For The Love of Pod articles in the Pod Bible magazine, which you can read online or buy in our shop.


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