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5 Essential podcasts about combat sports


5 Essential podcasts about combat sports

From creative striking to bone-crunching haymakers, intricate groundwork to face-pommeling blows, combat sports have you on the edge of your seats. With the recent meteoric rise of the UFC (which sold for just over $4 billion dollars in 2016 and pay-per-view fights exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars on the night) combat sports has never been in a better place – and neither have combat sports podcasts.

However, it is important to remember the traditions and histories of these individual sports in order to fully understand the grass roots and how ‘fighting’ segregated itself over time into different disciplines. It’s raw, it’s powerful and will drop your jaw (perhaps quite literally). Here are five essential combat sports podcasts about different styles of combat to get you into the ring!

MMA Fan Podcast Hosted by the ever funny duo Stuart Whiffen (of Pod Bible) and Blake Harrison (of The Inbetweeners), no stone is left unturned. Joined by guests such as world UFC champions, rising stars and MMA fans alike there is no better place to get your fix.  Self professed nerds of the sport, you won’t find bigger fans than these two. If you don’t plan on spending the entire day listening to their catalogue, listen at your own peril. Listen now on Acast >>>

The PBC podcast This Podcast is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of Boxing. From the big fights and interviews to the news and gossip in the sport, the Premier Boxing Championship Podcast has you covered. Their veteran analysis and discussions are vastly interesting taking you to places you may have never even known existed! Keeps you up to date with everything PBC. Listen now >>>

The BJJ Brick Podcast The best educational Brazillian Jiujitsu podcast aiming to enhance your learning time and have fun whilst doing it. From the basics upwards and fantastic  interviews with top flight BJJ athletes, you should be nowhere else if you want to learn the sport. Everything starts with a strong foundation. Listen now >>>

The Muay Thai Guys Professional fighters Sean Fagan and Paul Banasiak give their expert analysis on technique, training in Thailand, fighting strategies, upcoming fight cards and so much more! True craftsmen of the sport they will turn you from a novice into a high flying machine in just a couple listens! Technical and humorous, if you want to learn about Muay Thai, this is your trough. Listen now >>>

Hardest Part of the Ring The wrestling podcast hosted by our very own Adam Richardson, alongside Sam Andrews, Jon Mewett and Brett Jones will have you scouring YouTube watching wrestling clips for hours on end. Alongside PPV reviews, top 5’s and quizzes you’ll also find ongoing retrospective episodes including a look back at every PPV match the The Undertaker ever had.   Listen now on Acast >>>

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