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What podcasts does Stef Reid MBE listen to?

What podcast does Stef Reid listen to


What podcasts does Stef Reid MBE listen to?

For The Love of Pod! Which podcasts do our favourite celebs listen to? For Issue #008 of the magazine, we asked Paralympian Stef Reid MBE for the five podcasts she couldn’t live without…

The Intelligence

My favourite way to stay up to date with world news. The features are balanced both in terms of perspective and spread across the world and I like the format: two news stories plus a slightly alternative feature. Listen now >>

The Moth

The Moth is about keeping the curture or storytelling alive, Everyone today talks about storytelling and getting the narrative right, from company values, to personal branding and marketing. The only way to become a better storyteller is by listening to amazing storytellers. Listen now >>

Ted Talks Daily

I love being exposed to new ideas and new ways of thinking. And the best part about Ted Talks Daily is the variety of lengths, from 5 min to 20 min. I feel so much better spending a coffee break recharging with a Ted Talk rather than mindlessly scrolling social media. Listen now >>

Who Hurt You? (Previously known as Made Of Human)

First reason to listen: Sofie is hilarious. The second reason is that everyone at some point asks the question “How do I do life well?”. I love the variety of perspectives and issues she highlights, as well as the feeling that I’m listening to an intimate conversation between friends Listen now >>

Desert Island Disks

Amazing guests lead to amazing content but you also finish with a sense of familiarity after learning about the person’s music choices, favourite book and comfort items. It’s a sense of knowing a person you could never capture just by reading an article about them. Listen now >>

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