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INTERVIEW // Because You Watched – Now Take A Listen


INTERVIEW // Because You Watched – Now Take A Listen

Ever wondered about those weird genres Netflix and other streaming services allot to TV programmes and films? So did the folks behind Because You Watched, the “podcast which brings you brand new ideas for TV shows and movies based on obscure video-on-demand categories.” We chatted with host Bec Hill about the process of getting a panel of comedians and creative minds to pitch ideas within a chosen obscure genre. And yes, hilarity ensues.

POD BIBLE: Did you have any prior audio content experience?
BEC HILL: I’ve been hosting and guesting on podcasts since around 2012. I also do occasional voiceover work, so if you come across any Australian-sounding NPCs in a video game, there’s a strong chance it’s me. Especially if the voice acting is particularly poor.

PB: Do you work with a producer? If so, what is that relationship like when creating new episodes of the podcast?
BH: Producer Rory co-hosts the show, so it’s really great to have him in the recording itself. He’s incredible at keeping up the pace and summarising everything, as well as being very quick and witty. It takes a lot of pressure off me to be the “responsible” one, which is the dream for any comedian, really! We also have off-air producers, Joe and Martin, who are such a pleasure to work with. So much so, I made us all friendship bracelets!

PB: Is it difficult to helm a show with multiple guests?
BH: With any other show, yes. But thankfully we seem to have found the sweet-spot which allows us to make the most of our guests without everyone trying to shout over the top of each other.

PB: What is it about film as a subject that you find really excites people?
BH: It’s like a shortcut for a shared experience. So many other things in life are “you had to be there” type personal experiences – a crummy day at work, a fun holiday, drinks with mates, etc. Whereas movies, you can be isolated in the middle of dingo-woop-woop, but if you’ve seen the same film, you immediately have an “in” with everyone else who has seen it, regardless of where or who they are. It’s quite magical when you think about it.

PB: What is your relationship like with your listeners; how involved are they in what you create?
BH: They’re less involved with the creation aspect of the episodes, but we enjoy their interaction on social media – it feels like an extension of the show almost: a way we can expand on the things covered. Personally, whenever I listen back, I tend to think of jokes I should have said, so I like the ability to tweet about them afterwards!

New episodes of Because You Watched are available on Thursdays, wherever you get your podcasts.

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