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Joe Cornish’s top podcast guest appearances

Joe Cornish podcast guest episodes


Joe Cornish’s top podcast guest appearances

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet article from issue #017 celebrated Joe Cornish’s podcast guest appearances.

Joe Cornish is one of the forgotten forefathers of podcasting. Way back in the early days of the medium, Adam & Joe’s 6 Music radio show grew a cult following, with it’s podcast version adding classic bonus content that’s remembered fondly to this day. But whilst Adam went on to further cement his pod god status, Joe went off to that there Hollywood. Thankfully he is as good a guest as he was a co-host, as the following episodes prove.

Attack The Block with Joe Cornish / Jun 2020

On Script Apart, journalist Al Horner speaks to screenwriters about their initial screenplays for films that are now beloved. From what changed to what stayed the same, the full journey from page to screen is dissected. In this episode Al is joined by filmmaker and podcast hall-of-famer Joe Cornish to discuss his 2011 sci-fi / action film Attack The Block. Joe is in great form as always as he reveals the real life mugging that inspired the film, the importance of research to tell an authentic story and so much more. Listen on your podcast app >>

Christmas Episodes | Dec 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20

For many a podcast fan Christmas isn’t about a white bearded man bringing gifts, it’s about a black bearded man (with increasing grey patches) reuniting with his ghost of podcasts past and giving our ears the greatest gift they could wish for. From the exchanging of gifts to the exchanging of scorn, from yearly reflections to yearly Tom Cruise story segments… it’s not Christmas until Dr Buckies and Cornballs have given their Christmas speech. (Episode numbers – 12, 34, 62, 88, 115, 145) Listen on your podcast app >>

#71 | Joe Cornish / Nov 2019

Joe is a dream guest for Brett Goldstein’s podcast, the show that asks guests to discuss their lives through the films that mean a lot to them. Not only do we get to revel in Joe’s choices and the detail in which he can remember certain scenes, we also get to enjoy some wonderful tangential chats on acting, directing and comedy in general. Brett and Joe’s get on like a house on fire and their strong opinions on DVD categorisation will have you reorganising your shelves in no time. Listen on your podcast app >>

Joe Cornish on The Kid Who Would Be King I Feb 2019

Coinciding with the release of The Boy Who Would Be King, Joe joined Edith Bowman to discuss his musical choices within the film. As well as songs that influenced scenes and writing, we also hear about the score from Electric Wave Bureau. The journeys that lead to every tiny choice in film making can be as fascinating as the films themselves so getting to hear those stories and some of the amazing music provides the ultimate, cliched “podcasts take you on a journey” experience. Listen on your podcast app >>

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